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Electrifying the World With Clean, Safe,
On-Demand Energy

Carbon-Ion Is Here at a Pivotal Time in History

The race to fully electric living and renewable energies is on! This will disrupt nearly every global industry.

The world desperately needs new safe and efficient solutions for charging electric devices and EVs, managing energy, and stabilizing electrical grids.

Carbon-Ion handles the surge in global demand.

Carbon-Ion Has the Power to Change the World

Major Energy Problems Solved

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Problem #1

Surge in EV Buyers

There is NO electrical grid IN THE WORLD that can charge – safely and quickly – the large numbers of EVs that are coming when combustion engines are banned.
C-Ion Solution

Flexibility and Availability

C-Ion charges quickly using whatever amount of energy is available. It discharges needed energy into the grid without the need for major infrastructure development!
Problem #2

Unsafe Energy

Other energy technologies are unsafe. They are made of poisonous materials, are unsafe to transport, and they can catch fire or explode.
C-Ion Solution

100% Safe and Natural

C-Ion is made from carbon, aluminum, and electrolyte. It’s not made from poisonous materials or rare earth minerals. It’s safe to transport, doesn’t overheat, and cannot catch fire.
Problem #3

Lack of Grid Tech

Green energy comes in DC. As it rises and falls, conversion to AC becomes complex, leading to grid issues. Our world needs new grid technologies.
C-Ion Solution

The Power Punch!

C-Ion’s super capacitors have the power to keep AC and DC power consistent. It provides large and small amounts of energy at the milliseconds required to keep electrical frequencies in balance!

Stats You Can’t Afford to Ignore

$16.9 Billion

Estimated size of supercapacitor market by 2027, with a 23.3% CAGR from 2020–2027.


$14 Billion

EV charging and grid storage market sizes estimated by 2026 and 2027, respectively.


$1.6 Billion

Amount the UK Government will give to companies that help with Dynamic Containment.


Expected growth rate of global EV charging infrastructure market
from 2020 – 2026.


Expected compounded annual growth rate of grid storage market
from 2020 – 2027.

“Super capacitors are a multi-billion dollar business, moving towards becoming greater than 10% of battery sales
in the foreseeable future.”

– Allied Market Research

The Progression of Carbon-Ion Tech

  • The development of our Gen4 C-Ion cells is on track for commercial use and scale by early 2025. More than $30 Million has been invested in the technology to date.
  • We expect to complete the lab work of our Gen4 C-Ion cells over the next 2-3 years and begin large-scale production shortly after that.
  • We’re also planning to build a lab bench demonstrator to show key decision-makers the real benefit of our technologies.
  • This gives our potential customer base a firsthand look at how C-Ion technology saves money, time, resources, and improves grid performance.
  • Our business team will work with grid managers to identify critical infrastructure problems and deploy the technology where it’s needed most.

Our Company

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Charges lightning fast, dynamically controls energy output & provides high energy super punch!

100 to date. 35 granted, 65 pending.

Safe to use and transport. No rare-earth minerals or poisonous chemicals. Will not overheat, catch fire or explode.

We are a 7-year-old company developing our 4th generation product and expect to file our S-1 for public listing this year.

Our Dream Team

Our team of PhDs and industry titans live the Carbon-Ion vision. In fact, one member of our team was awarded Officer of the British Empire for service to the Water and Electricity Industries.

Click on the images below for their distinguished bios.

Andrew Sispoidis

Chief Executive Officer

Led 10 high-growth, middle market start-ups

Sold 3 companies, raised more than $250MM in capital, and returned over $1.4B in value

​Gave talks as TEDx speaker and guest lecturer at Columbia, Stanford, NYU, and Yale

Dr. Hugh Sutherland

Chief Technical Officer

Ph.D in polymer chemistry / MBA from Henley Business School

Expertise includes fundamental research into low-carbon energy devices and polymer synthesis

​Led the world-class development team that produced C-Ion technology and C-Ion cells

Steven Shine OBE

Chief Strategy Officer

CEO at Anesco, the leader in the U.K. battery storage market

Awarded Officer of the British Empire for service to the Water and Electrical industries.

​Professional career spanning three decades...and driving all levels of strategic development

Jeb Brooks


Highly skilled in Securities, Equities, and Capital Markets

​Served as A.V.P. of equity sales at Citibank from European to Asian institutional investors

​Founded consulting firm for early-stage companies preparing for strategic sale or public listing

Adrian Jones

Chief Financial Officer

Served as board of director for companies in the UK and Europe

Industry savvy in the areas of finance, start-ups, fund raising and corporate turnarounds

Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England And Wales

Four Big Reasons to Invest in Carbon-Ion Today

Our breakthrough C-Ion technology is the world’s first technology that upgrades the grid, supports renewables, provides power-on-demand, and enables super-fast charging of your EVs and devices.

We have 100 patents to date: 35 granted, and 65 pending. This creates a huge barrier to entry for any competitors. The value of this IP could turn Carbon-Ion into a household name.

Our team of PhDs and industry titans live the Carbon-Ion vision. One member of our team was awarded Officer of the British Empire for service to the Water and Electricity Industries.

Our technology solves major energy infrastructure issues facing the grid today. Imagine a future with no brownouts, where you can charge your EV in just 5 minutes. Carbon-Ion is the future.

Join Us. Let’s Change The World Together!

Carbon-Ion Energy is dedicated to a bright energy future for the entire world. We intend to help provide a safe, sustainable transition to clean-burning renewable energy.

The global energy infrastructure has an urgent need for a system upgrade, and our technology gets it done. This is more than a business. It’s a mission and a cause to usher in a new Clean Energy Age. As we like to say, “the power to change the world.”

Campaign Vitals

Shares Offered
Convertible Note
Regulation 506c
Valuation Cap
$107MM at 20% Discount
Target Raise Amount
Minimum Investment
Funding Round
Series A

Our Reg D 506c Offering

Total Raise: $7MM

Offering Type: Reg D 506c

Minimum Investment: $1,000

Instrument: Note With 20% Discount

We are raising up to $7 Million in our Reg D 506c private round by offering a convertible note at a $111 Million valuation with a 20% discount.

The minimum investment is $1,000. You can fund your investment with a Credit Card, Debit Card, via ACH, or with a Wire Transfer. When you’re ready to get started with your investment, you’ll be taken to DealMaker.

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